• Glass Cartridge
  • Available Sizes Range: 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml, 1.8ml, 3ml, 4ml. Including double Chamber for big sizes 3ml, 4ml.

    Suitable for all types of insulin products, growth hormone, interferon, lidocaime and other anesthetics.

    Accessories: we produce and supply the rubber plunger and al-seal with liner to fit the above items. 

    Available Forming Machine and Complete Production Lines: Italian SPAMI and Germany Amberg.

    The device is in other factory equipment performance are summarized, on the basis of choose and buy again Italy SPAMI GS24 / type 2 cassette vial production lines, the equipment covers an area of small, large capacity, high availability, the characteristics of the production line from expected that packaging has realized the automatic feeding, glass molding, the size of the online detection, foreign body removal, vial annealing cold end is detected after automatic packaging production craft, the equipment than comparable models save raw materials, each productive pipe is a product, greatly improve the utilization rate of raw materials.

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  • Amberg production line for cartridge:

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