Our overseas markets are divided into the following situations:

1,Agent system

Classification and definition of agents: in general, agents are divided into general agents and exclusive agents. In the process of cooperation with agents, there are usually double relations between principals and agents, namely agency relations and sales relations (actually distribution); general agency refers to that in the same region and period, the company can appoint multiple agents to promote products and services at the same time It can directly deal with the actual buyers in the region; exclusive agency means that the company gives the agent the exclusive right to sell and buy and sell the specified goods in a specific area and within a certain period of time; in general, customers require that our company has no right to deal directly with the actual buyers in the region; for exclusive agency, in order to protect the interests of the agent, avoid price competition and maintain the company's shape For example, the company is not allowed to sell products to the agent area through any third party outside the region; for ordinary agents, the directors of each area can avoid market conflicts between customers by means of product price strategy and other means.

2,Free and open market

We can also work directly with the customer in the target market, including intermediaries and end users, without any binding force on each other. However, as a supplier, we will not impact each market at will, but coordinate and balance the interests of everyon, the main purpose is to better serve customers and provide the most cost-effective products.

When you inquire, we will tell you what kind of target market you are in, so that you can take a safe and correct business development route as soon as possible.