Shandong Pharmaceutical glass is a leading domestic and internationally famous pharmaceutical glass manufacturer. It has more than 50 years of production history, strong economic strength, rich production experience, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent manufacturing technology, and constantly improving management system. It provides high-quality products and perfect services for domestic and foreign food medicine and personal care production enterprises. The products mainly cover medicine Glass packaging containers and auxiliary accessories for medicine, food, cosmetics and nutritional supplements, including molded and controlled injection bottles, brown bottles, daily chemical bottles, blue-green bottles, pre filling, ampoules, plastic bottles, rubber plugs, aluminum plastic caps, plastic caps and rubber droppers, etc., with nearly 2000 product specifications and an annual output of 26 billion glass products and supporting products. Among them, I / II / III brown and transparent molding and control injection glass packaging products are our leading products, with an annual sales volume of more than 11 billion. The company has three production bases in China, which are located in Yiyuan, Zibo, Deyang in Sichuan and Baotou in Inner Mongolia, with more than 5900 employees. The company's sales volume in 2019 is nearly 3.2 billion yuan. Our products are sold to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and the annual export scale is nearly 1.1 billion yuan.


After 50 years of hard work, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd. has won many industry honors. It has been successively rated as a pioneer enterprise in light industry, China Packaging Science and technology achievement award, China's key high-tech enterprise, torch project enterprise, and top 10 enterprises in China's light industry daily glass industry (glass packaging container). With equipment innovation to promote scientific research and innovation, the company has national standardization certification laboratory, postdoctoral research station, China Light Industry daily glass new technology key laboratory and other innovation platforms, and has a sound technical innovation system, all-round basic research facilities, so that Shandong Pharmaceutical glass has always been in the international advanced level.

The following is the organizational structure of our company 10 years ago. Now it has changed a lot and the organization is more complex