• Prefilled Syringe
  • The prefilled syringe(PFS) is an injection device and exempts the procedure that get the medicine from ampoule and moulded injection bottle, PFS has a history of more than 30 years. PFS is the packaging material that has been sterilized and doesn’t have pyrogen and particulate, it could be filling directly in the clean room of the pharmaceutical enterprise. Its advantage is exempting the pharmaceutical company’s complex program of cleaning the packaging containers and reducing the investment of the cleaning equipment. In addition, the accessories of PFS have good compatibility with drug. Meanwhile, PFS has good sealing performance, the drug could be stored for long time and it replaced a part of market of tubular vial and ampoule. In the current European and American market, the use of PFS is very common.


    In China, the medical industry is accepting this product and the PFS is preferred for more new product, especially the vaccines and bioengineered drugs. In the rapidly developing biological and immunotherapy industry, the advantage of avoiding the waste of high value drug has been fully develop. The reason why the PFS is popular is that the companies don’t need to spend more time on the packaging, but can improve the level of products effectively. For the final user, this safe and simple packaging exempts the inconvenience that draw the drug liquid into the syringe and reduces the occurrence of many accidents.


    The application range of the cartridge is also very wide, but the main application field  is insulin and anesthetic and sedation drugs etc.


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