• Tablet Bottles in Four Colors
  • Available Sizes Range: from 50cc to 675cc. Including J-CAP tablet bottles' series, GPI400 neck designed series.

    Suitable for pharmaceutical pills and dietary supplement applications, the bottle is colored to reduce the exposure to light.

    Colors: in four colors for your choice.


    On the basis of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the national pharmaceutical packaging, the state encourages the pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises to carry out clean production. In order to meet the requirements of overseas and domestic pharmaceutical enterprises for clean production, our company has made the process from the annealing to the packaging in clean room for type III non-injection amber glass bottles and made standardization design and operation control to the flow of personnel and materials. Glass bottles from the annealing lehr are directly transferred into the environmental control area, then the auto-inspection, lamp inspection and auto-shrink wrapped will be completed in 100,000 class clean area. This ensures the cleanliness of products to meet the requirement of without washing for bottles. The bottles aren’t need to wash before using, thus reducing the investment to customers for equipment and operational cost and create value for customer.


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    Amber Tablet Bottles, Wide Mouth, GPI 400.

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