• Rubber Stopper for Injection
  • What kinds of rubber stoppers we offer 

    Normative rubber stopper made of Chloro or Bromo butyl

    Lyo rubber stopper made of Chloro or Bromo butyl

    Infusion rubber stopper, Chloro or Bromo butyl

    IR rubber and bromo-butyl rubber disc for IV port

    Butyl and natural rubber plunger for dental cartridge

    Teflon coated rubber stopper

    Rubber of tip cap for prefilled syringe with luercone

    Rubber disc for Euro-cap and syrup cap 

    Size of rubber stopper for glass vials & bottles:13,20,26,28,32mm

    Size of rubber disc for IV port:13,15,16,20,25mm

    Size of Teflon coating rubber: 13,20,28,32mm

    Available product format: Pre-washed Rubber, Ready for sterile, Ready for use(Gamma Radiation Sterile).

    Quality Standards: meets the requirements specified in CFDA YBB Norm, the current version of EP and USP.

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