Recruitment Information

       In today's society, the most important factor in determining the development of a company is not capital, technology, or system, but it is highly responsible. Talent is the company’s most valuable asset, the bond that sustains the company and the soul of the company. The company believes in people-oriented management philosophy, attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people with their careers, retain people with development, and retain people with culture. Through the full use of the talents of the employees, the company grows and develops, and the company's development and growth reflect the employees' own value.
        The company adheres to the principle of “horse racing is no match for horses” and “employment is better than qualifications, ability is higher than academic qualifications” and “combination of talent and talent” as an employment standard, and encourages employees to display their talents. At the same time, if the company wants to develop, it must continuously improve the overall quality of its employees. The company puts forward the slogan “Training is the greatest welfare for employees, development is the best return for employees”, actively creates good learning and training conditions, and has plans for their own employees. Training to fully explore the potential of employees and promote the growth of talent.
        Through a series of activities such as its personnel diagnosis and employee training, the company has transformed its advanced human resources management ideas into an operational system that suits the characteristics of the company. The company's organizational structure, human resources staffing, human resources management organizations Such as further adjustments, the establishment of the company's personnel management, labor management and performance evaluation system. By using this system, the company has improved the level of human resources management, mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, and promoted the continuous progress of the company.
        We firmly believe that talent is the real driving force for the development of the enterprise. Employees are the wings for us to take off. We are the stage for our staff to display. Our employees are closely related to ours, and only for common development. Therefore, we advocate a people-oriented management philosophy and implement a people-oriented management policy, stating: “The so-called business operation is the management of talents; the so-called industry competition is the competition for talents.” The concept of "human-oriented, talented people resources, dynamic talents" has been formulated.
      Exhortation, meritocracy, application of knowledge, and all-round development. In line with the principle of "employing long, short of people", the appointment system is adopted for management personnel to find the most suitable position for each employee, and the most suitable employee is also sought for each position. Strengthen training and learning. Provide employees with training and learning opportunities, and take the road of learning-oriented enterprises. In order to mobilize employees' enthusiasm for learning, we vigorously promoted three ratios (than ideals, specific technologies, and ratio contributions), Sanchuang (creating graceful environment, creating fine order, creating civilized units), and commended and rewarded the winners for publicity. A strong learning atmosphere. Only use their talents to make the best use of them. Follow the "trace synchronization, internal and external integration, both integrity and talent, to give employees the opportunity to start a business and development opportunities. Enterprises at any time receive reasonable advice from employees, companies and employees interact to form a company to treat employees, employees love the good atmosphere of the enterprise. Create a standardized The combination of management and humanistic management of the environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate employees' sense of honor, stimulate work enthusiasm.
        Adhere to the principle of "respecting people, trusting people, and understanding people" so that all employees feel that they can develop here. Under the influence of the "people-oriented" corporate culture, each employee is motivated to "self-rely on their own, love the factory, work hard, and develop together, and collaborate with each other." The company's employees and the company's heart are tightly integrated to create more for the company and society. value!