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Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Company's 2016 Annual Conclusion and Commendation Conference

时间:2017-02-08 source: Corp. News
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On the afternoon of January 25, 2017, the 2016 annual work summary awards conference of Yaobo Glass Company was held in a grand manner. In the form of video conference, the meeting room of the auxiliary building of the R&D building was the main venue. Through video transmission, the dynamic real-time transmission to the oak was performed. Plastics Branch Company, Tumen Branch Company, Kangrui Company, Fenghui Company, Chengxin Company, and more than 400 people from 6 venues attended the conference. He Yonggang, General Manager, presided over the meeting and read out the “Decision on Commending for the 2016 Advanced Collective, the Ninth Model Workers, Production Technology Models, Sales Models, Production Outstanding Employees, and Outstanding Managers”. The advanced collective representatives and advanced individuals accepted the wearing of red flowers. The company's grand recognition, the company's leadership issued certificates, bonuses and flowers for them. Representatives from advanced collectives and advanced individuals made speeches. Chairman Chai Wen made an important speech.