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SPG was named the 3rd of top 10 enterprises of daily-use glassware industry (glass containers) in China Light Industry in 2019

时间:2020-08-27 source: Industry News
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According to the report of China Daily Glass Association on July 9, 2020:

In order to encourage advanced enterprises to become bigger and stronger and further promote the high-quality development of the light industry, the China Light Industry Federation has organized and carried out the evaluation of "top 10 enterprises in China's light industry" in 2019 based on the principles of strictness, impartiality and science. Among them, the following 10 enterprises won the top 10, namely Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd, Sichuan Yibin Global Group Co., Ltd, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd, Dezhou Jinghua Group Co., Ltd, Yantai Changyu Glass Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Caifu Glass Co., Ltd,  Beijing Glass Group Company, Shandong Taishan Shengliyuan Glass Co., Ltd,Shandong Jingyao Glass Group Co., Ltd.